Everything You Ought To Know About Foods That Build Muscle Print
Wednesday, 06 July 2011 17:18

By Dane C. Fletcher

If you are looking to get toned, bulk up, or just increase your energy levels then you may want to consider altering your diet by adding more muscle building foods. Getting exercise and working out obviously are crucial to getting the figure you want, but muscles can't be built if your body does not have the fundamental building blocks to make them with.

There are certain foods that build muscle that most of us have ready access to, they are all either high in fat and protein content, as well as oil and vitamins. These fats and proteins are used after a workout to plug the holes that were made in your muscles, thus strengthening them and also adding new mass. The more of this new mass that your body develops, the more built you look, and the stronger you become.

Some foods that are known as muscle enhancers are peanut butter, fish, almonds (as well as some other nuts), beef, olive oil, and eggs. This in no way is meant to be an exhaustive list, because there are many more foods that serve a similar purpose, but these are some of the best and most well known for their effects.

For example peanut butter is extremely high in protein and calorie dense, making it one of the more powerful bulking foods. Olive oil may not seem like it has much mass when you are drizzling it onto a power salad, but that slight sheen that you see reflecting off of your fork is packed with fat and is very rich. It will give you an extra kick that you would not otherwise get, and you can supplement further by adding nuts and fish to your diet.

Eating body building foods can be incredibly tasty, there isn't any need to force down an unseasoned boiled chicken each night. The very same ingredients being mentioned here are some of the best tasting foods and side items on the planet, so bulking never has to be a sacrifice of taste and enjoyment. As with anything however, moderation can make all the difference in the world, the same going for power training foods.

Finding foods that build muscle can be done by anyone who is willing to look hard enough at their local market, and who has the drive to improve their lifestyle and diet. These foods not only give you extra mass, they can make you generally healthy as well.

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