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Could White Flour Be Contributing to the Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic?

By Beverleigh H Piepers

Many of the most popular foods in Western countries... and an increasing number of countries outside of Australia, the Americas, and Europe... are made with highly processed white flour.

Something that is interesting is what happens to this flour during shipment to various cereal companies and bakeries and other commercial users. Unfortunately, during shipment of the flour, it becomes infested by various pests... insects, and even mice and rats.

When refined flour is shipped in 50lb bags no insecticide is used at all... and when an insects crawls inside the bag of flour and starts eating it, it ends up dead. What you don't know is white flour is a natural insecticide as the insects that eat it die. So by the time the truck shipping the flour arrives at the delivery destination, the crickets or insects that crawled into the bags of flour, will be dead. They died because they ate the white flour.

Once considered a luxury food, white flour is now a basic ingredient in innumerable fast foods and convenience foods that most people find positively addicting.

The body quickly converts white flour into blood sugar, so all products made with this type of flour are problematic for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Even worse, the gluten that gives flour dough its stretch for products like pizza crust is loaded with chemicals called mu-opioids. The mu-opioids survive digestion and circulate through your bloodstream to your brain, where they attach themselves to the same receptor sites as morphine and opium. That's why so many white flour products leave us saying "mmmmm." They relax our brains so we feel OK about eating more and more.

The real problem with white flour for all diabetics, however, may occur when it is combined in the diet with soy. Healthy soy foods like edamame, tofu, and miso do not damage the stomach. Chemically processed soy protein, however, makes the gut "leaky."

When unnatural soy products damage the lining of the colon, additional chemicals in white flour can enter your circulation. Some of these chemicals signal your immune system to attack healthy tissues, especially the insulin-making beta cells of the pancreas.

White flour is bad for diabetics... added to textured vegetable protein is worse. It is always best for type 2 diabetics to avoid this type of flour altogether, and to get their plant protein from the naturally processed soy. Many Asians, by the way, eat soy every day, but they don't eat a lot. About 20 g (3/4 of an ounce) is a typical daily allotment of soy.

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Beverleigh Piepers is a registered nurse who would like to help you understand how to live easily and happily with your type 2 diabetes.
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