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Eat Whatever You Want - As Long As It's Good

By Aaron Cottle

Want to know why you're fat and unhealthy? You're lazy. You have bad habits. But the worst part is that you don't eat right. Instead of eating apples and good carbs, you munch on candy bars and chow down on frozen burritos all loaded with grease, sugar and fatness. Killin me. It's time to form some good habits. Think about what you eat, and when you hit the grocery store, hit the frozen meats section instead of the frozen junk section.

Why don't you keep a food journal that shows the kind of garbage you really put in your mouth? You don't have to go out and buy a composition notebook and keep it with you to track calories, percentages of vitamins and minerals or anything like that. Just write it down on a sheet of paper or in a spiral notebook or even on the computer. Once a day, at the end of the day, take five minutes and think back on everything you ingested since you woke up. I promise you that if you do this for even one week, you'll understand what's wrong.

If you're exercising, which you should be doing but most likely aren't, the breakdown of your daily food intake should be like this:

Complex carbohydrates, the kind found in breads, cereals and pasta- %50
Protein, as found in meats and beans- %35
Fruits, veggies and dairy products- %10
Fats, sugars and oils- %5

Carbs are the bedrock of the daily diet and should, contrary to popular opinion, be consumed in copious amounts. The body breaks these down and turns them into energy, which is mostly burned off during the day. Without carbs, your energy source is limited to caffeine, which works great for a while until it starts destroying your nervous system.

Protein builds and repairs muscle and makes the body stronger. Fruits and veggies also give you energy, and they provide essential vitamins and minerals in addition to regulating the digestive system and giving you healthy poop. Dairy products contain proteins and good bacteria which also helps break down foods and regulates the digestive system.

Fats and oils are good for you in extremely small amounts, but the problem most of us face is that fats and oils are found in almost every consumer food product out there, and they make up waaaayyy too much of our diet. These are the ones that really have to be watched and controlled. If you can manage this area well, you'll see dramatic increases in your energy levels and your general health.

Just watch what you eat and take care of your body! Do you feed your dog better than you feed yourself and your kids? Does your dog get all his carefully measured nutrients from his specialty dog food while you and your children munch on donuts and chugalug sodas? It's shocking, but sadly that is the case in most of America. Take care of your body so your body can take care of your mind.

Aaron Cottle lives in San Antonio, Texas and leads a happy, healthy, exciting and interesting life, and wants you to do the same! For more information, articles and excellent fitness and health tools, check out http://quitthefat.com.
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