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Upper Ab Workout Secrets

By Louis Levenson

The upper abs is the most powerful part of the abdomen, especially for those who perform basic workouts. Given the strength of the upper ab workout, it can be very ideal to whip them into better shape. There are four exercises that can comprise an ideal workout- butterfly curl, hip lift, curl, and sit ups. These exercises can strengthen one's core and help in shaping a 4-pack.

The hip lift is performed with the person lying flat on the back and the arms kept on the sides, with the palms faced up. The person has to slowly raise the legs, straighten them towards the ceiling and upright to the torso. Then, slowly pull the navel towards the spine, lifting the hips a couple of inches from the floor. The legs should be kept pointed straight up. After several seconds, lower the hips to touch the floor.

A good upper ab workout also involves doing the butterfly. A person has to take the basic position of a crunch by sitting on the floor with the knees bent and the feet separated by shoulder width. The knees should be kept on the side with the heels coming together. The stance should have the look of the wings of a butterfly, thus the name of the exercise. While keeping the legs bent, the person should crunch, hold for a few seconds, while going back to the original position. The exercise works out the the targeted area by keeping the leg muscles from working like in a traditional crunch.

An effective upper ab workout also involves doing the curl. This is similar to the crunch, although the curl requires more strength from the upper abs. The curl is performed by lying down with the knees bent, similar to a crunch. The arms should be kept at the sides. Then slowly lift the head, chest and neck just like what is done in a crunch. While rolling the hands should be slid along the floor, and never to be lifted for support. Then go back to the original position. While this exercise can be very exhausting, individuals who want to have ripped upper abs should continue doing this because it really works out the upper abs.

The last exercise for an effective ab workout is the bench sit-up which can be performed on a weight bench. For those who do not have one, any available bench will do. Using free weights that is at least 10 pounds in weight is also ideal. This is used to hold down the legs. Start by lying with the feet placed on top of the incline.The weight should be placed on the feet. Perform either a crunch or sit up, with the weight holding down the foot. Balancing the weight of the person is important in this exercise, and the abs muscles will be the ones to carry the load.

Individuals looking to get their upper abs into shape are advised to do this upper ab workout regularly.

Are you looking to get a six-pack? Are you wanting to start losing Weight and getting In shape? Louis Levenson is an freelance Expert Author and a health enthusiast who understands how you feel. Looking for a good and effective upper ab workout to the problem so that she did feel proud about her stomach, Louis Levenson did the research and came up with some effective methods to get flat, sexy abs at home that anyone can try.

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