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Top 5 NewYear Fat Loss Tips

I'm asked constantly about how I can get rid of this fat right here real fast or that giggly part quick. And the real truth upsets most everyone when I tell them, but we're all big boys and girls....truth is best.

Tip #1 - Burn as much fat as possible while in fat-burning zone or "target heart rate zone"

Truth is seeing how many total calories you can burn total for the session. More total calories each time, the more fat is burned....period. The zone may be higher than the suggested zone for some, so this strategy is for definitely the strong at heart. We suggest a heart rate monitor be used instead of relying on machine monitors when doing cardio in a gym. Also wear your monitor while weight training in the gym. The watch should have a calorie counting/storage mechanism for best results. A simple goal may be to get between 10-15 calories per minute throughout the workout. 30 minute workout equals 300 calories. If this is easy, move to the next level is 15-20 cal/min. If not quite able to do10 calories a minute, start with 5-10 and work up. Meet or beat every workout from this point forward by 1 or more calories burned every time and I guarantee fat loss.

Tips #2 - Lift light with high reps in the gym.

Truth is lift as heavy as good form allows for low to moderate rep ranges. Save 100 rep sets for "body pump" or bodybuilding. Most cases require 8-12 reps for upper body and 10-15 for lower body. No pink dumbbells ladies please.

Tips #3 - Use cardio equipment in the gym for intervaltraining.

Truth is outdoor running with H.I.I.T (high intensityinterval sprints) sprints is fastest and easier to control. The gym may be timeefficient for you to get to work and it's cozy in the winter, but when workingoutdoors on your own two feet , ground reaction forces cause the body tobenefit great in this environment because of extra challenges with balance andcoordination. And when its time to slow down from a jammim pace, it'seasier to do without slipping into thewall falling from the treadmill or off the pedal and breaking up your cool.

Tips #4- Star points and calories is all that counts.

Truth is calories do count not only in quality but quantity.Protein rules in its ability to create a thermic effect after eating thereforeburning more fat. Also, the types of fat are so important and focus should beon essential fatty acids and a reduction in saturated. We can't build a greatbody on calories that didn't exist 3,000 years ago. Think about it, did whatyou are going to eat exist back then? No KFC, gummi bears, Dominos. Bummer, Iknow.

Tips #5- The best workout is the gym with the weights,

Truth is that's where most of the injuries occur if you have limited experience and subtle muscle groups like stabilizers of the body go untouched. Causing even more injury potential down the road. Body weight calisthenics like Naked Commando, a US Navy SEAL team style classic for almost50 years has been time tested as the best blend of cardio, strength and flexibility training.

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