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Plan to Be a Vegetarian - Steps Towards Quitting Meat

By Arman Hansen

Just like quitting your smoking or drinking habit, giving up meat on your diet will also entail patience. You need to gradually make the move until your body is readjusted to your new diet plan. Here are simple steps that can get you started:

1. Start by cutting out certain types of meat on your diet. If you drop one type of meat first, say chicken, then you can gradually move on to other types.

2. A great idea of starting a vegetarian diet is by quitting dishes that have meat as the main ingredient. At this time, you might want to consider meat in your food. By not consuming large pieces of meat in your dishes, you will eventually get used to fully getting rid of them.

3. If you are used to eating meat frequently, work on reducing the frequency. For example, if you are eating meat at least once a day, then you can switch to eating it three times a week. Continue cutting down on the frequency until you can give it up full time.

4. Another effective way to get rid of the portion in your diet is not stocking meat at home. However, you can eat them at restaurants. Not having to see it at home will tremendously impact your consumption of meat.

A common misconception that people have is that you can only get protein from meat. Hence, many believe that a vegetarian diet is unhealthy due to lack of protein in your diet. There are two facts that will serve to break this myth:

- The Recommended Daily Allowance only requires a little amount of protein in your diet per day. By eating too much meat, you are getting more than the required amount of protein in your diet.

- Many might not find this believable but vegetables are reliable sources of protein. However, the amount of protein present in a particular type of vegetable might seem insufficient. Therefore, it is advised to eat a combination of these vegetables to meet the necessary protein intake.

Also recognizing the advantages that vegetarianism offers, you will have a more peaceful state of mind and body. When you have a positive outlook physically and mentally, then you can become a holistic and healthy individual. Find out more tips on becoming a vegetarian at http://vegetariandiet.relatedtips.com

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