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Balancing Your Diet

By Brenda Williams

In order to have a balanced diet, you need to eat smaller, more frequent portion sizes of meals as well as get plenty of exercise, water and sleep. It is just that simple and just that hard. Balance is something that so few of us achieve unless we are extremely disciplined. And why is this? Because we love our donuts, candies, cakes, pastas, soups and other fast food meals as well as other things that aren't the best for us nutrition-wise.

It almost seems cruel when you think about the fact that most things which taste good to millions of people is incredibly bad for you. For instance, donuts are delicious, but they are high in fat and sugar. Eat enough donuts and you'll soon find yourself turning into one! A trick to remember and which we hear all of the time is to remember that you are what you eat. If you eat nothing but junk food, then your body will suffer for it. You will find yourself feeling sluggish, unresponsive, tired and irritable. However, if you feed your body in a more healthy manner, you will find that you will feel more alert, perky and full of energy. You will no doubt be in higher spirits and much more able to think clearly and therefore make much wiser decisions than the next person.

The other part of having a balanced diet includes getting the right amount of sleep. Even as I write this, I should probably be in bed early catching up on some much needed sleep. There are many people who believe that they can go on so-called sleeping binges. What does this mean? Sleeping binges occur when after staying up late for several days in a row (thereby only receiving a nominal amount of sleep), we will often reserve one or two days (usually the weekends) to try to sleep late or go to bed early-all in an effort to catch up on the sleep that we missed all week long.

Wrong. You cannot 'catch' up on sleep after you've already missed it-not by binge sleeping anyway. Rather, you will need to try to go to bed a little earlier each night. By doing this, you are not really altering your schedule so much as you're simply trying to get back on schedule. Many people who are overweight or who are suffering from an in balanced diet are no doubt suffering from insomnia or some other sort of sleeping ailment.

Drinking water is an incredibly important part of having a balanced diet. In fact, the human body is comprised mostly of water. For a non-athlete, it is recommended that you drink anywhere from 6-8 glasses of water a day. For an athlete, this number is significantly higher due to the amount of fluids your body loses when you are competing or working out.

Remember, having a balanced diet isn't easy. It requires both discipline and patience. However, if you continue to develop and practice good eating and lifestyle habits, you will eventually experience success.

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