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What is a Serving Size?

By Susan Patterson

Breaking away from the "bigger is better" mentality will help to whittle away the waistline and help to promote a healthier lifestyle. Compared with serving sizes of decades ago, serving sizes of today are greatly larger, upwards of 25%. With this being the case, it is no wonder we as a society we are plagued with an onset of diet related diseases and complications. From heart related issues to diabetes how and what we eat is effecting our lifestyles more and more.

Understanding what a serving size is and adopting the practice of portion control is the best way to lose weight. Once a grasp of what a portion size is equivalent to, one can then begin the discipline of control to lose weight.

Making the switch from a larger plate to a smaller one will help in avoiding the temptation to overfill our tummies with extra calories. Also taking the time to measure out food portions for a week or two will help to visualize a serving size.

Using your hand as a guide, a serving of meat or fish is about the size of your palm, minus the fingers. The size of your thumb to the first joint is equivalent to a serving of cheese. If you are hungry and get the urge to snack, remember that a serving size is a handful, not a bagful.

A handy helper when figuring out serving sizes is the nutrition labels on the packages. Measuring out servings and placing in individual plastic bags is the best way to lose weight. Some products even come with a handy serving gauge built in on the sides of the packaging to help reduce the likelihood of overindulging.

Susan Patterson has been studying alternative medicine and health for over 10 years. She loves to write to help others, especially in the area of quick weight loss which can be accomplished safely. She has found several herbal remedies to be effective in her journey to better health without the side effects that medications cause. She is particularly passionate about hoodia for weight loss.

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