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The True Cost of Weight Loss

We Ask You.. What is the Cost of Weight Loss Versus the Cost of Not Losing Weight

The cost of weight loss should concern you. Modifying your shopping habits at your grocery store along with starting an exercise program can increase your spending habits. But the cost to your health can be much bigger if you don't do anything about your weight problem.

Here are a few tips to cut down on food shopping costs:

Getting rid of junk food and stocking your pantry with healthy food could mean higher grocery prices than you are used to. But if you've already decided it's time to lose weight, why keep tempting yourself with foods that aren't nutritionally good for you and keep them within site? You need to remind yourself that it's worth it in the long run to pay the price for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Save your money and make your meals at home. For instance, take your lunch to work. It's much better for you to eat the healthy foods from your kitchen versus eating restaurant food that someone else has prepared. Making smart food selections and losing weight can help improve various health problems, such as lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure, and some people can use less medication. Wouldn't you rather spend your money on healthier foods instead of prescription medicines?

Most people will notice a huge difference after losing weight.

They breathe better when they sleep, their back problems disappear, and they can go places they had only wished they could before. Perhaps it's been a struggle just to go shopping for any length of time or walk from the far end of the parking lot when there are no empty spaces in front of the store. Imagine enjoying the walk from the parking garage into the mall instead of expending all of your energy before you've even started shopping.

Paying for a fitness trainer, or a gym membership, or the somewhat higher costs of healthier food is far better than the cost of NOT taking care of your body.

The added cost of working out and eating healthy is nothing compared to an unhealthy lifestyle. If you question your decision just remember the cost of healthy food and a fitness program is much cheaper than a heart attack.

Stop and think about how much losing weight will cost you— money and time — that's it.

But not losing the weight can cost you so much more. It can cost you your self-respect, perhaps a promotion, more money in the long run, maybe a trip to the Alps that you don't think you would have the energy for, or your life, period.Your life is worth it. Your family and your friends will thank you for taking care of yourself. Whatever the cost, you can work at it and loose the weight you need to. The payoff in the end, well, as your charge card says, 'It's priceless!"

Zach Hunt is a true cost of losing weight expert, personal trainer and owner of Physzique, a fitness coaching service in Spokane, WA. Go here: Personal Trainer Spokane WA for more fitness tips.
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