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Fat Burning Foods That Help Melt Away the Fat

By Tony Farrell

There are many health-conscious people who consume more of natural and unprocessed food like vegetables, whole grains fruits and legumes like dry beans, peas and lentils and a measured intake of lean animal protein such as reduced-fat diary, chicken, fish and lean cuts of the other meat varieties. These people would have observed that they can eat how much ever they want, and yet there is no gain in weight. People on a diet exodus from more artificial foods to natural ones, would find maximum benefit as it lessens the calorie consumption resulting in weight loss.

Carbohydrates and fiber content are quite high in natural foods like fruits and vegetables. They are therefore, absorbed more slowly into the system and our hunger always remains satisfied. Machine-made foods have hopeless nutritional values and made from basically tasteless ingredients. They live up to their advertisements by adding outrageous amounts of sugar, salt and fats, that end up whetting your appetite to eat more and more of them. Arguably, our biggest diet failure comes in our own tradition of sticking to more artificial foods and completely ignoring foods in their natural form. These processed foods are made to serve industrial purposes of easy manufacturing, easy distribution, easy storage and easy use, and any nutrition or good health associated with it might just be a coincidence!

A good case study can be made with apple juice. An apple in medium size contains 72 calories and more than 3 grams of fiber. The same apple, when its pulp is bashed and made into 8 oz of juice, contains over 120 calories and negligible amounts of fiber content, sometimes even nil. And we fell for these juices marketed as "health" drinks!

Sticking to natural foods will definitely do a whale of good things for us. The optimum content of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants reduce the risk of diabetes, heart ailments and also prevents and fights cancer.

Due to their exceptional nutritional value and fiber content, they lead to healthy living in a fit body.

Foods that have undergone high-tech processing are actually very low in their nutritional and fiber content. They are made up what is adverse on our body, viz., the preservatives, saturated fats ,the sodium salts, processed sugars, and the added colours and flavors. Whole grains are perfect examples of this. The outer husk of the whole are the most nutritional part of it, however, it is removed when white flour and rice are made.

Thus, these artificial foods are typical examples of unhealthy foods that also contribute to quick weight gain, which was never our intention.

Consuming natural foodstuff with a relatively higher nutritional content than calories will not only keep you away from that "fat" tag, but will also fulfill you hunger and keep you healthy. After all, the bottom line of so much of talk is eating and staying healthy in the long term.

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