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Common Myths About Weight Loss

Dieting Myth's YOU Are STILL Falling For...

There are so many common myths about weight loss, and even more programs out there that give you inaccurate information on how to lose weight.

The Following DIETS DO NOT WORK and are PLAIN BAD FOR YOU! the followin information is designed to give you solid tips on what not to do when dieting.

Eating Low Carbs

You have probably tried low-carb, Atkins-style diets, or at least heard of them. These diets do not work. They are much too strict, not sustainable, and make your life miserable as your body does not function properly without carbs causing headaches, irritability and loss of sleep. Low carb diets will actually cause you to gain weight after the initial weight loss.

Low Fat Diets

You know all these so called "low fat" foods that are sold in your local supermarket? These foods are typically calorie ridden and will actually make you gain more weight! This is just one of the fallacies that we will uncover for you! Low fat foods DO NOT equal weight loss.

Starvation Diet

Your Body requires food to function. Losing weight the wrong way by not eating is actually worse for you than gaining weight. If you think that following diets that tell you to eat very little, drink only liquids, or something else that seems "crazy", don't do it. It will affect the way your brain functions and slow your metabolism down to a GRINDING HALT! You CANNOT lose weight and stay healthy by starving yourself of nutrition.

Following Pre-package Diet Programs

These foods are worse for you than foods you can make from your own home. Not only that, pre-packaged food diets (like Jenny Craig) can cost you up to $500 per month to maintain! That is more than most families spend on groceries in an entire month. How does this make sense?

Hollywood Diets

The only diet that seems popular in Hollywood is the one where the actors and actresses forget to eat. There are also the ridiculous "cookie" diets, secret potion "syrup and water' diets... Let's get real, these people are not like us and they do not need the nutrition that a normal person needs to maintain a healthy weight. Don't be mislead about these common myths about weight loss

So, if all of these diets don't work, what does it take to strip unwanted fat from your body?

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