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Why Eat Six Meals A Day?

To many people that are overweight and eat only 3 meals a day a fair question is why eat six meals a day - what are the real benefits of such a nutritional regime?

The answer might surprise you.

On the six meals a day diet you don't eat twice as much food as someone eating a normal three meals a day, but rather spread out the normal daily consumption of food over more meals.

There are a number of benefits to eating more regular, smaller meals.

Firstly whenever we eat, our body digests that food and in doing so sugar rushes into the body so it can be distributed around the body to nourish it.

This change of blood sugar level from very low to very high can trigger insulin to be released which will, in turn, try to store the excess calories in the body in the form of fat.

By eating smaller meals with less gaps between them, the peaks and troughs of blood sugar are less extreme and so there is less that can be stored as fat.

In this way, weight loss is supported as it is far harder for your body to store fat.

In addition of course, problems with insulin supply, which is linked by doctors to being overweight, should become far less likely. This reduction in the risk of suffering from diabetes later in life of course is great.

Another reason why eating six meals a day is a good idea is that by eating a meal every few hours throughout the day you are likely to feel the need to "snack" between meals. Snacking serves to increase the calories you consume each day because snack foods tend to be unhealthy - chocolate, chips etc.. Cutting out these temptations will also increase your chances of success when it comes to weight loss.

Lastly appreciate that the human stomach stretches with a large meal. If you regularly eat small numbers of large meals you may inadvertantly stretch your stomach, thus not only making you look fatter but also meaning it can take longer for you to feel full, so leading to an ever increasing limit on what you feel you can eat at any one time.

With the six meals a day diet you eat smaller meals and don't feel "full" after each one. Your stomach is therefore able to return over time to it's original size this helping you to naturally consume less food.

Of course, by not stuffing yourself three times a day you also won't have that lethargic feeling liek you get after lunch each day that makes working a real struggle, and the thought of exercise even worse.

So go wild and try eating six meals a day for a few weeks to see if you notice any of the possible differences I've mentioned in this article. You may find, like me, that you like it so much you stick to the diet for ever more and feel great on it.

Richard Adams is a keen advocate of diet and weight loss programs having experimented on himself over the years with many different plans to find those which are most successful. His latest site will tell you everything you need to know about the six meals a day diet -> http://www.sixmealsadaydiet.co.uk
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