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Healthy Ways to Deal With Diabetes

By Richard K Johnson

When the food we eat is digested it provides us with energy and growth but the condition called diabetes does not allow this process to work as it should. Glucose is the body\'s natural fuel source provided by the food we eat. Diabetes causes problems with the distribution of glucose in the bloodstream. Owing to this condition, excessive levels of glucose build up in the blood stream instead of absorption into the cells.

There are two main types of the condition; both are discussed briefly in this article. Juvenile onset diabetes is known as type one and usually, but not always, affects children and young adults and is where the body\'s production of insulin has ceased; this means insulin must be given to the diabetic on a daily basis for them to live. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that enables the body to use glucose to produce energy as it gets sugar into the cells. Type two affects adults and is also called late onset diabetes; it results when the body either cannot produce enough insulin or does not use the insulin it makes properly.

Our body needs energy which it obtains from food that it converts into sugar like bread, potatoes, rice and pasta etc. Prolonged periods of high blood glucose levels can lead to problems like heart disease, kidney complaints, blindness and even limb amputations. The importance of managing your diabetes condition cannot be underestimated and with a disciplined approached these serious conditions can be improved; these conditions will vary form person to person but most should see improvements with some complaints halted altogether. To manage your condition, ensure you take your medication; it is very important that you don\'t smoke and maintain your blood glucose levels, cholesterol and other blood fats within your target range.

In addition, weight and blood pressure will need to be routinely monitored and kept stable. Diabetes is a life long condition if you are unlucky enough to contract it; currently approx 2.6 percent of the U.S. population or about 5.5 million Americans, are known to have this health problem. Studies suggest that it is not the whole story as experts believe there are as many people again that have the disease that have not yet been diagnosed; over 600,000 new cases are being diagnosed every year. The number of Americans who have diabetes and die each year is approximately 320,000 but only 34,000 die as a direct result of the condition.

Richard Johnson has been practicing and teaching natural medicine for over 25 years, in the UK, Europe and the US. Get more information regarding diabetes

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