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Can We Live To 150 Years Old?

By Will Byron

I believe we as humans can live to 150 years old.... In fact, we live in a world filled with negativity and materialistic motivations. Those of us who can conquer the belief system that society forces upon us and truly connect with their own inner powers will have the greatest chance of longevity. The first step in longevity is believing it could happen to you. The power of your belief system is beyond written words. It is what helps underdogs win against all odds. It is the backbone of most miracles. It indeed could be your first awakening towards a new journey of healthy and joyous living.

I know many people are dependent on the knowledge they hear from doctors or from what they hear on TV or in casual conversation. I have studied anti-aging and longevity in my journey towards finding the best foods ever. I have come across a lot of key ideas and wellness concepts that I believe if incorporated into your life will stack the longevity odds in your favor.

For starters I do believe the belief system affects us on a genetic level. It just makes sense to me. There is a reason why as you think about things your heart rate goes up or your hair stands on your arms. Same goes for the feeling you get when certain songs come on the radio. That connection between your mind and your soul is really the communication between your mind and every cell in your body. You have the power to control your genes by controlling your thoughts and what you eat. We all have heard you are what you eat. Have you heard you are what you think? I believe it is just as powerful because it controls your stress levels and your ability to stay healthy. Let's take a look at a quick action plan that we could start today to take ourselves on a positive journey towards living to 150 years old.

I know you have heard this before but you need to find a way to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Even the new food pyramid has increased the daily consumption up to 9 to 12 servings a day. This is almost impossible for most people so you need to do whatever you can to come close to that even if it means getting fruit and vegetable supplements in capsule or powder form that you can take on the go. It is a step in the right direction. We need to also stop putting toxins into our bodies. Get rid of the hydrogenated oils, the high fructose corn syrups, the pesticides and herbicides, the food preservatives, the dirty water and the dirty air. Dirty air can be a tough one because there are so many factors. Don't leave your windows closed all winter. Open them at least for 15 minutes a day to circulate the air. Another good suggestion is plants. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and oxygenate your house. Some good oxygenating plants are bamboo plants, chinese evergreen plants, Aloe Vera, and spider plants.

We also need to fight all the free radicals that are being generated in our bodies with some health antioxidants. These are best obtained from berries which come packed with 1000's of other substances which work together to help our immune system and our cells. Exercising daily is another huge help for your body. Strength training especially has been known to increase human growth hormones which have been noted for their anti-aging properties. So many people go to anti-aging clinics which is a step in the right direction but some of the same benefits can be obtained from strength training.

There are some foods in particular that I have read about that seem to be getting a lot of anti-aging attention. Resveratrol which is found in grape skin, grape seeds, peanuts and raspberries are well known anti-aging substances except most people associate it with red wine. However an overdose on red wine diminishes the affect in my opinion because of the toxicity of the added alcohol on the liver. Coconut oil which unfortunately most people say is bad for them, is actually an amazing product. It is good on your skin, it is the only oil I will cook with and recent studies have noted its anti-aging properties. Omega 3's have always got a huge standing ovation on the anti-aging front because the Japanese who consume so much of it have a much longer life span than the western world. I get Omega 3's from flax seed, hemp seed, avocadoes and Krill oil.

Some other general items of interest in the arena of longevity is too eat less. This can be difficult for some people especially athletes who need carbs for fuel. However, whenever possible in between training cycles, or for one day here or there, eating lightly has been proven to help us live longer. Tests have been done in Russia on chickens which lived 3 times longer than other chickens when they were fed a small diet rich in raw organic foods. We should also maintain an alkaline body as much as possible. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment so eating alkaline foods, drinking alkaline water, and keeping stress at a minimum will keep you more alkaline and help your body keep minerals where they belong instead of using them to raise your alkalinity.

By implementing some of these ideas I believe you will light a spark plug in your longevity engine of life. It is true that there are people that have lived extremely long lives on this planet. They help their genes by putting good foods in their bodies. Don't get tricked into thinking you are doomed because of your genes. Only 25% of your fate or less is decided by your genes and it is your lifestyle that not only affects the other 75% but will also act as a trigger on any "bad" genes that you think you have. The gene is the loaded gun. Your lifestyle is the trigger. Don't pull the trigger and you may just live longer than you "think".

You can take this to any level you want.

Level A - Xtreme Health™

Follow all the suggestions in this article over the course of the next several month

Level B - Much better than most people

Eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise daily, believe you can in fact live a long life and feel vibrant and strong even as you age to over 100

Level C - A step above what you're doing now

Stop taking in the bad foods. At least one day a week eat organic meals and celebrate the great foods that the earth has given to us.

Will Power Byron is the CEO of http://www.organic-athlete.com and http://www.organicawakening.net and http://www.HelpMeLiveLonger.com and has had a passion for health and wellness for over 25 years. A roller coaster life of addictions and success led him to numerous jobs since age 10 including a US Marine, a MSFT Programmer and a CPA. He has competed in hundreds of races from the collegiate through master's level including marathons, triathlons, cross country, and track and field. A degree in Computer Information systems and a Masters in Business led him to many entrepreneurial activities through the years including multiple franchise owner, real estate, and options trading. He is currently a Certified Sports Nutrition Coach and trains for Ironman Triathlon's as a semi-vegetarian utilizing primarily organic superfoods. His current ventures include building/publishing health and wellness websites, writing articles and writing his 2nd book "Organic Awakening". His mission is to help people live longer through his websites, articles, and books and to help shed One Billion pounds from the waistline of America.

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