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Natural Health - A Body In Need Is A Friend Indeed

By Richard Wise

It seems strange, that in an age when so many people are better educated, they do not recognize, or treat their bodies as their best friends. Absurdly, the body is frequently abused by the deliberate, or passive, intake of toxins, to the extent that it makes you wonder whether education is on the right track. It seems to fail, insofar as dealing with natural health is concerned, and equipping people to avoid health problems, which are frequently of their own making.

Rather than developing their own natural defenses, people have come to rely on outside help if anything goes wrong. They seem to be unaware that years of abuse, or lack of exercise, or eating the wrong foods has contributed to their inability to cope. Let us reiterate that people very often do not give sufficient time and attention to looking after their most precious asset, their own body, that is the temple in which they live. You can only get away with not caring for yourself properly for so long, before the crunch comes. Then you may turn to orthodox western medicine for something to fix the parts of you that have gone wrong, not realizing that even if it does work, it will not be for long if you do not change to a more natural health lifestyle.

Strangely there are many who dismiss complementary medicine as rubbish, or at least something that is not proven to be of any value. Eastern traditions of medicine are responsible for Yoga, some forms of meditation, and other techniques that are widely accepted in the West. Are you aware that there are reputable insurance companies, in the United States, who reduce life insurance premiums for those who practice transcendental meditation? It is generally accepted that acupuncture relieves pain and it must be said that an increasing number of western doctors, include some form of Eastern medicine in their services.

It has been suggested that you are what you eat, but who would like to wake up one morning as a grease laden sausage or hamburger? The analogy holds true because naturally grown fruit and vegetables are so much better in your quest for natural health. Think about the smell of fresh fruit, such as a newly peeled orange, or fresh plate of strawberries. Look at the color and texture of this sort of food, and contrast it with the smell of burning fat. Rest assured that the advice to consume between 5 - 9 fruits and vegetables per day is good, and try to err towards the upper end of the range.

Everything we do requires a certain amount of energy, and in this respect food is our fuel. No more than we would consider filling our cars with sand, should we fill our stomachs with grease and fat. Similarly its no use having a tank full of the right fuel if you do not burn it wisely, which is where exercise comes in, to sustain our natural health. There are so many ways to expend energy usefully, and enjoyably; walking, swimming, golfing, working out at the gym, to name but a few. Of course some of your calories are used up at work, but for your natural health's sake choose something of positive benefit when you have time for yourself.

Richard Wise writes articles on natural health, aromatherapy, herbal remedies, antioxidants, allergies and vegetarianism. If you would like to find out more, about natural health matters, please visit his web site http://www.naturalhealthforall.com which includes information concerning Natural Health and Beauty, and many other natural health considerations.

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