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Clogged Arteries--What Is The Real Cause?

By Cheryl Jones

Heart disease...heart attacks...we hear about these tragic events all the time. The news often reports on threats to heart health and the current medical trends being taken. Heart disease is the #1 killer and clogged arteries are part of a progression towards heart disease. How are clogged arteries formed?

Interestingly, the guilty culprit we have heard about in the formation of clogged arteries is only part of the truth. We have heard that high cholesterol causes clogged arteries. Actually, there is a more primal cause.

The first thing that happens is a lack of vitamin C or ascorbate in the body. This is termed sub clinical scurvy. This causes cracks in the arteries to form. The body, in an attempt to heal or patch the cracks, takes cholesterol and uses it as a patch. Over time, this hardens into what is called plaque. Now we are getting to more familiar territory regarding clogged arteries. The buildup of plaque in the arteries narrows the passageway of the arteries and also increases blood pressure. Then, if a small clot breaks away, it can totally clog an artery triggering a heart attack. Normally, the small clot would be harmless, but due to the clogged arteries it can now become deadly.

What helps clean arteries? Ascorbate is one thing. Nattokinase is also useful. Serrapeptase is also good. There are products that have been created to help prevent and reverse clogged arteries. Since Heart Disease is the #1 killer, it behooves us all to find out how to prevent clogged arteries. The research is available. As a person seeks it out, they will find the answer to the cause and reversal of clogged arteries. The only thing left to do is to put the research into action in one’s own life.

Cheryl Jones has been investigating alternative and holistic health solutions for over 30 years and has access to information published generally in advance of mass media publications. Links and resources are available to valuable information and specifically formulated products. http://shineonhealth.com

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