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What Foods You Should Avoid In A Heartburn Diet

By Jillian Rae

Many advocates can be found for a proper diet as a natural remedy for heartburn. This is because the vast majority of sufferers are attacked by heartburn after eating something disagreeable. So the next time that you have heartburn, you will be probably right in thinking that it is due to something that you ate.

The following guidelines for a diet is based on the assumption that generally speaking there are some foods that are safe to eat and some not for people susceptible to attacks of heartburn. What is of importance to us is naturally the latter. What you know is safe is fine but coming across food accidentally without what effect eating it could have on you can be disastrous.

Given below is a list of foods to avoid if you want to avoid heartburn. If you have stoked up on these in your pantry, it is advisable that you get rid of them fast.

Fatty foods

About one half of the food items to be avoided are covered under this heading. Fatty foods not only add avoidable weight to your body, they can make you very susceptible to attacks of heartburn.

What this translates into is simply this. You cannot have the luxury of nice juicy steaks with cheese toppings and fries to go with. To be on the safe side, it is best that you avoid all places of temptation such as fast food chains, including burger stands, pizza places and doughnut shops. It may not be easy, but better be safe than sorry!

Dairy Products

This restriction is likely to have a more severe impact. Imagine a total no-no to a whole lot of desserts. Before you decide to give up all ideas of tackling heartburn, just understand the reason for this ban as a natural remedy for heartburn.

All dairy products, like fat are difficult to digest. To digest dairy products, the stomach produces extra gas and acids to break down the hard to digest parts of the product. You can see what this extra gas and acid can do to your heartburn!

Citrus Fruits and Citrus Juices

Unlike the other two groups of heartburn foods to avoid, unless you are obsessed with citrus fruit and their juices or prefer large portions of grape fruit for break fast, this is not such a big ban. Moderation is advised for they are acidic and as we have seen more acid equals more discomfort.

Acidic and Spicy Foods

Foods such as tomatoes, cranberries, red peppers and other spicy produce are best avoided as they are acidic and can result in attacks of heartburn.

This list is not exhaustive. Depending on one's constitution, for some these may not trigger heartburn while for others they may best be avoided as a natural remedy for heartburn. By trial and error, one comes to know which ones to avoid and which not to as being quite safe. The list while not being exhaustive, covers the most common triggers of heartburn. This is as good as a starting point as any for those looking for diet as a natural remedy for heartburn.

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