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Can You Actually Lose Weight by Eating?

By Robin T Campbell

That's a question I hear all the time after mentioning this subject.

You see, I am a health and wellness coach. I help guide people reach their goals of reducing medications, losing weight, and reducing high blood pressure the natural way. So the first thing I ask them to do is to start keeping a daily log to the best of their ability, on everything they eat, when they eat it and the biggest revealer of truth there is : WHY they ate what they did.

The result usually is quite amazing to them. They begin to see certain patterns of behavior they hadn't noticed before. They begin to try to make better choices during the day. They begin to learn about themselves.

Then, we begin the process of learning about how the body works and how EATING will actually help them to lose pounds. We begin to learn what foods are best for depression, fat burning, producing energy for the longest periods, etc.

So, the answer to the question is a resounding yes! If you know HOW to eat and what foods to eat at the best time.

Think about this, it takes the body certain amounts of energy to consume certain foods.

Also keep in mind, that even with water, the colder that the water you drink is, the more the body has to heat it up to generate absorption too. So putting this into action is as easy as eating the crunchiest WHOLE foods with the least amount of calories you can find!

Think celery, think cabbage, carrots and even lots of lettuce. Go for the crunchy fat burners every time first! Eat often and little amounts, keeping the body working is keeping it metabolizing! And that is a good thing. Did you also know Popcorn is good thing? Think HIGH FIBER content and go for it!

Of course it doesn't hurt to add a few healthy fat burning herbs and energizing supplements along the way, so you can effectively control those cravings of the fatty stuff!

For that I do recommend my favorite of all favorites, the little Asian Jewel called Zylene. Stop by today for free samples at: http://www.zyleneinfo.net

In the meantime Happy health to you,
Robin Campbell
Dietary Wellness Coach

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