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Healthy Living On The Go

By Laura J Miller

Are you one of those type of people that find themselves always running from here to there?

And you want to lose weight and live healthier?

There is hope for you and others, that just can't find the time to eat healthy and get the exercise they need.

Eating on the go:

First, break the urge to go with friends to the fast food places where you work. If you must go since I'm sure your friends will insist, then order a salad if possible or fruit instead of those french fries or potatoes. Bring zip lock baggies of fruit and/or vegetables to work with you on your breaks. Wheat bars instead of those candy bars.

There are many different ways to substitute junk food for the healthy food when you are on the go. Use your imagination and try some different types of fruits and vegetables, you might surprise yourself and actually like them.

Exercising on the go:

If you work in an upstairs office consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

During your breaks at work, try walking around instead of just sitting in the break room. On the rainy days where it's not possible to go outside and walk, trying to walk up and down the stairs or around your office more.

If you aren't able to any of this while at the office, then consider when you get home, don't plop down in front of the TV, instead sit on the floor with your kids (if you have them) and do some sit ups while watching TV. Run in place for a few minutes, do some leg crunches all while still enjoying your favorite TV program.

There are always ways to keep healthy while on the go, just take the first step in changing the way you do things, think about what you are doing and ask yourself if you can do it differently as to help with eating and exercising.


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