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Low Calorie Cooking for Healthier Eating

By Vanessa Beaty

Low calorie cooking, for many people, brings thoughts of bland, cardboard tasting food, and giving up their favorite morsels. This does not have to be the case. You can enjoy many of your favorite foods without being faced with the guilt of taking in too many calories. If you are counting calories for weight loss purposes, or simply to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, you can purchase, or even better make yourself, many of your favorite recipes that still give you the same flavor that you love, without all the added calories and fat.

Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle is a choice that everyone should be proud of. By eating healthier, you are giving yourself a much better quality of life, and if you have children, it is an excellent way of life to teach to them as well. By simply substituting a few minor ingredients, and learning to cook with particular spices that accent and bring out the flavor of foods, you can enjoy delicious meals that have only half the calories, or even less, than the foods that you are accustomed to eating.

For instance, you can enjoy a delicious Chocolate-Mint Cake Roll that has only 198 calories per serving. By preparing this scrumptious cake yourself, you are eliminating many of the additives that manufacturers use for preserving and for sweetening. The cake is made with a minimal amount of sugar, yet still has a wonderfully guilt-free sweet flavor that is sure to set your taste buds singing.

There are many ways to cut your calories when cooking. Using steamed vegetables to add bulk and flavor to your meals is one way that you can minimize your calorie intake. Replacing starchy vegetables with less starchy alternatives is a great way to still enjoy a variety of flavors, and yet cut down on unneeded fat and calories. You might consider substituting potatoes with sweet potatoes. Although potatoes are vegetables, they are filled with starch, which will ultimately add fat to your body. By replacing white potatoes with sweet potatoes, you are still enjoying a wonderful flavor, yet you are eliminating unwanted fat and starch from your meal. Sweet potatoes have a wonderful flavor when baked or boiled, and are an excellent accent for practically every meat dish. They are not simply for Thanksgiving any longer. Sweet potatoes are being seen in many dishes that once held white potatoes, simply because of their wonderful flavor and the fact that they are a much healthier choice.

There are many substitutions that you can make that will still allow you to fully enjoy your food, while significantly lowering your intake of calories. Choosing to eat a healthier diet does not mean that you will be starving yourself or wishing for a candy bar in the middle of the night. It simply means being very conscious of what you are eating and how you are cooking. Preparing low calorie meals is much more satisfying because you know that the end result is the benefit of a better life. If you love to cook, then cooking low calorie meals will still hold the fun and excitement that you crave. And, speaking of cravings, you can let those go. Eating healthy and watching your calorie intake does not mean giving up on the foods that you crave. It simply means preparing them in a way that gives you both the satisfaction of flavor, and knowing that you are on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Vanessa Beaty is a Freelance Writer Freelance Moms

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