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No More Empty Promises

By Rhadi Ferguson

December 31st is almost here. Champagne, parties, fireworks, the countdown to the New Year - and to top it all off, a special kiss at the stroke of midnight - no mistletoe needed! Across the country, there's an undercurrent of hope and motivation - a chance for a fresh start.

And so, each and every year we make (and break) New Year's Resolutions by the millions!

En masse, we jump out and make promises that we have EVERY intention of fulfilling. But usually, by the time March has rolled around, we're right back where we started, with our empty promises mocking us with hollow glee.

The secret is finding a way to back those intentions up with discipline, while keeping things practical enough to actually become a habit.

If you're sick and tired of making empty promises, here's my Rx for success...


If you're one of those guys (or gals) that has let your good intention turn into a spare tire, there are five simple ways you can make '08 a year of the hard, hot body you've been dreaming about.

  1. Quit making excuses! Forget waiting to finance a home gym. Don't even wait until you can hit the gym. Work now with what you already have. No dumbbells? No problem. Fill up water bottles or dig through the pantry for a few 16 oz. cans. Take the initiative and make this the first step toward toned and tightened arms!
  2. Make an appointment. Right now, pull out your calendar or Palm Pilot and schedule 30 minutes or 1 hour sessions throughout available slots in your schedule. Pen it in and then follow through!
  3. The earlier the better... If you want to see this year's resolution come true, work out in the morning. Not only are you better rested in the morning, but working out first thing will energize you throughout the day and jumpstart your metabolism. Better yet, the excuse "It was a killer day at the office," or "I'll be later for dinner" won't be able to stand between you and your workout.
  4. Buddy up! Recruit a friend to be your workout partner. There IS strength in numbers. Not only will you hold each other accountable, but you'll also encourage and motivate each other along the way. As an added plus, you'll likely find that having someone there to BS with can really make the time fly!
  5. Daily duties = Opportunities. When faced with the choice of the elevator or the stairs, hit the stairs. Quit waiting around in frustration for the best parking space and park at the far end of the lot on PURPOSE! Keep your eye out for day to day opportunities to "go the extra mile."


If you're already working out regularly and eating right, but you're still not getting the results you feel you should be, the culprit may be stagnation, a.k.a. "stuck in a rut."

  1. Here are four ways to kick your workout into hyper-drive...
  2. Shake things up! If you're bored with your workout, or things just seem to have lost their spark, change your routine. Add in a new exercise; play around with your sets, reps and the rest you take in between. Alter your bench incline to see what happens. Enroll in one of those trendy classes most gyms now offer. The key to success is keeping things fun.
  3. Are you slacking in the stretching and warm-up departments? Quit skimping! All you'll need are an extra three to five minutes. Not only can this prevent soreness and injury, but it can also boost the effectiveness of your core workout as well.
  4. Sometimes, distraction is a good thing. To pass the time, take your iPod along to your workout. Upload your favorite playlist and get in the "zone", or train your brain while you're at it, with books on tape or CDs that teach you another language. Maximize your time!
  5. Pump yourself up! Don't wait around for someone else to do it for you. Take matters into your own hands! Remind yourself how great you feel after a workout. Pose for pictures that track your progress and post them all over! When someone tells you how great you're looking, don't be humble - pat yourself on the back! You've worked hard - take pride in your accomplishment.

There's no elevator to the top in this game. Each step takes blood, sweat and sometimes, tears. Don't let anybody lie to you - it won't be easy! But it WILL be worth it.

Rhadi Ferguson is a 2004 Olympian in Judo and a4-Time National Judo Champion. If you desire to learn more information about his Total Body Workout you may do so at http://www.totalbodyworkout.com

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