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Vegan bodybuilding: a new breed of muscle building

If you've spent any time in the bodybuilding world, you have probably become familiar with certain terms and ways of doing things. You may have some firm ideas about what to eat and how to train, and you may not have thought that there are other possibilities out there. While you certainly don't need to change a routine that is working for you just for the sake of change, it does help to keep an open mind. For instance, you probably have been told that meat and dairy products are essential components of any weight gain diet. You may be surprised to learn, however, that there is a new breed of bodybuilder ' namely the Vegan bodybuilder.

Vegan diets exclude all animal products including meat, milk, and dairy derivatives. This kind of diet may be followed for ethical, religious or health reasons (or all the above). The assumption by many meat eaters has been that a vegetarian diet is inferior, especially when it comes to building muscle. In contrast, Mr. Cheeke of Veganbodybuilding.com tells us that consuming the correct combinations of plant foods will provide our bodies with all of the necessary amino acids (the building blocks of protein). While it is important to eat the correct combinations because individual plants contain incomplete proteins, eating a wide variety of plants can help us consume adequate protein. Because there are so many different plants to choose from, finding complementary sources of protein can be both feasible and enjoyable.

This is not to say that vegetarian diets are without controversy for muscle building. For example, soy protein has become a staple food for many vegetarians, since it is considered a complete protein and also contains nutrients which may be beneficial for heart health. However, some research has suggested this may have long-term side effects as its structure is very similar to the hormone estrogen. Anyone considering a vegetarian or Vegan diet should do some research and come to a personal decision. In any case, the idea of meatless bodybuilding opens up opportunities which were unknown in the past. It certainly makes non-vegetarians think twice about the stereotype of the scrawny, weak vegetarian.

In closing, here are two powerful quotes from the founder of veganbodybuilding.com. They are simple concepts that are often overlooked, and it is these concepts that can make a difference between mediocrity and greatness, both in bodybuilding and life in general.

"We learn something every day, but there is so much that we don't apply," Cheeke said. "If you don't apply what you know then it is wasted. We have the ability to change as long as we take action, otherwise the wheels just spin and we go nowhere."

"I think 99 percent of people don't have passion for something," Cheeke said. "That's fine, but having a passion for something makes life so much better and eventually it comes down to the application of that passion."

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