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Keeping Your Fuel Clean and Your Engine Well-Tuned Will Deliver More Power and Miles

By David W Robinson

Although obesity rates have leveled off, we, as a society have still not learned that what we eat is fuel for our bodies. Our nutritional "habit-patterns" are deplorable. Americans continue to imbibe themselves with junk, adulterated, processed foods, high fat, high sugar foods, fast foods and generally poor nutrition.

On top of it, when it comes to "losing weight", most people will turn to nutritionally limited and/or calorie restricted diets!

Learn that what goes into your body is essentially the same as what goes into your car or truck. FUEL!

Would you put kerosene into your vehicle? It would be able to run and rather smoothly. But what would the results be? There would be poor engine performance, engine wear at a much faster rate, continual breakdown and problems, and, a much shorter life-span for the engine.

Your body is not that much different. Poor nutrition, as we have begun to see with the explosion of chronic conditions, results in poor performance (a lot of which goes un-noticed, internally), constant problems and generally functioning at less than optimum. In short, eating poorly results in ruining your health, and, quality and quantity of life in the long run.

Proper nutrition is just so easy and simple it's laughable. But it continues to evade people...and this evasion is done knowingly. With excuses, but knowingly. You'd have to live in a third-world country to NOT know what proper and good nutrition is; the information about it is so readily available, everywhere from the internet to books to magazines.

It all comes down to CHOICE. If Americans continue to make poor nutritional choices, they will continue to become engrained "habit-patterns" and they will continue to be plagued by chronic conditions.

The other habit-pattern that gets factored into the equation is exercise. Again, availability of information is widespread, and it all comes down to CHOICE. That old saying, "if you don't use it, you lose it" is so very true. Maintaining physical activity levels, i.e., exercise on a regular (3-4X each week) basis goes a long way in keeping you healthy. The facts on this have been in myriads of studies for, again, a long time now.

Quite frankly, it would appear that to choose poor nutrition and avoid regular exercise is "self-abuse". Why do things that are going to be detrimental to you body and health?! This is the quintessential question that many in the fitness and nutrition professions have been asking for decades. It's truly amazing the health situations people get themselves into because of their CHOICES to eat garbage and not exercise.

Granted, these are only two factors in the equation of good health, but they are, in my professional opinion, two of the most important, and, quite bluntly, two of the easiest to achieve. Yes, I understand that behavior issue exist concerning food for some people, but for the most part, it is not that difficult, it is a choice.

Let's run through a quick "program", just for the heck of it.

Breakfast: 1 cup of whole grain oatmeal with soy or skim milk, whole wheat toast with peanut butter, 12 ounces of water, 1 cup of coffee/tea.

Lunch: tossed salad with egg OR lean meat sandwich on whole grain bread with lettuce and tomatoes OR low sodium/fat soup; 12 ounces water.

After-work fitness: Hit the fitness center for a full-body circuit training set, 2 days each week and on the alternate days, 3 days each week, do 30 minutes of cardiovascular/aerobics in your target heart zone.

No fitness center? Hit the road! Walking that is. Get out there for 60 minutes and pump those arms. Do body weight strength training: push-ups, the plank, pull-ups, chair dips, etc. Use the same schedule as above.

Dinner: Keep it real. Lean, whole meats with whole rice/grains or whole potatoes, veggies, salad, water and only do desert 3X each week.

Don't forget to add in a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, whole green foods supplement each day.

WOW! That took all of 13 minutes to pound out on the key board! And it will take as little time to make it a part of your daily "habit-patterns".

Is it all worth it? That's another CHOICE. The way I look at it is, you have no rewind button in life. It's a one-way ride. Make the best of it with optimum performance and optimum health for optimum quality and quantity of life!...or not. The choice is yours.

Dr. David Robinson received his B.S. in biology at Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts and his D.C. from Life University, College of Chiropractic in Marietta GA.

He received his fitness certifications as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Counselor and Aerobic Instructor from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, Los Angeles CA. David was a practicing Chiropractor for 14 years.

He has been a trainer for one of the 12 week Police Cadet Training Programs of the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council, as well as working in fitness centers on Massachusetts' South Shore and in San Diego.

Dr. Robinson's full bio can be viewed on website, http://www.Fat2Trim.com

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