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Best Exercise To Lose The Stubborn Belly Fat

By Benjamin Wise

Contrary to what you may have heard, the best exercise to lose the stubborn belly fat is actually a whole lot of fun and not as strenuous as you think. Of course, belly fat is very difficult to tackle or even get rid of. But by following a planned out exercise regime, you will see for yourself the tremendous effects it has on your belly fat.

A lot of people do opt for aerobic exercises as the best exercise to lose the stubborn belly fat and the reality is aerobics work but you can also do simple stomach exercises along with diet. However all of the above needs to be done with steadfast discipline as well as determination.

Stomach exercise is essential so that the lower as well as the upper abdominal muscles can be toned powerfully. This way they do not appear unsightly or flabby. A positive side effect of abdominal exercises is that you will suffer less from back related pains as you naturally develop stomach muscles and back muscles that are powerfully strong.

Did you know that the Rectus abdominals is the muscle that stretches down from the ribs to the hips? In fact, it isn't known to many people that the external as well as internal oblique slopes down to the sides of the waist. After all this is their job to rotate the torso even as they focus on assisting the abdominal muscles to tighten while you exercise in curling and twisting movements. Here are some exercises you can do but you must remember that you need to work the whole body, you cannot isolate fat you need to work on fat as a whole.

Crunch - Lie down on your back with your knees bent; slowly make sure that you lift your shoulders off from the floor. The focus is moving your ribs toward your hips. Reverse Curl - Once again, you must lie on your back, bend the knees towards the direction of your chest. Your hips should be on the floor. Then, contract your abdominal muscles at the same time. This would be good for your abdomen.

Abs exercise with a ball - Invest in a stability ball because it works as a fantastic device for the abs and lower back exercises you want to do. Because the exercise ball has a curve, your lower abdominal muscles become well trained with the wider range of motion. Bicycle exercise- This is one of the best abdominal exercises because you have to pull in your abs muscles really well. With these simple exercises, get started.

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