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10 Diet And Exercise Tips For Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

By Sara Johnson

Tis the season of cocktail parties and baked goods! Holiday weight gain may seem an inescapable tradition, however keeping yourself active will do wonders for avoiding seasonal pounds. Can't find time to squeeze in a little exercise during the holidays? Then check out these free diet tips that will keep you on Santa's 'Nice' List. You will be having so much fun that you won't even realize that you're enjoying some healthy exercise!

1. Go Christmas shopping... Often! Walking the city, or mall is great activity and plenty of fun. The more time spent on your feet, the more calories burned. Consider purchasing an inexpensive pedometer to calculate your mileage.

2. Stop circling the lot for the closest space... Park on the outside of the parking lot. You will likely actually save time by avoiding all that circling and will get a bit of sneak exercise walking into the shopping center.

3. Get outside... Take the family pet, or a few friends around the neighborhood to view the Christmas lights. Depending on your fitness level, walk 30 minutes to an hour for maximum health benefits.

4. Volunteer... Local shelters are in dire need of help, especially during the holiday season. Wrap parcels, deliver meals, or help with childcare. This activity is wonderful for your body and spirit!

5. Dance...

There's usual some sort of music at most holiday functions, so get on the dance floor! You will get a break from the constant socializing and burn off a few goodies while you're at it.

6. Throw a party... As host or hostess, you'll certainly get your share of activity throughout the night!

7. Help tend bar at a friends party. Offer to tend bar for an hour or so at a friends party, the host or hostess will be grateful and the shaking and stirring is a surprising workout!

8. Take advantage of winter sports. Ski, snowshoe, sled, or skate; unless you live in a nordic region, the infrequency of your participation in the afore mentioned activities keeps them fun and fresh.

9. Avoid the tree lots.. Venture into a designated "u-cut" area with permit in hand and cut your own tree. You'll enjoy the authenticity and selection in choosing your tree and the actual cutting of the tree is a great arm workout.

10. Make room for the tree... An hour spent rearranging furniture to fit your u-cut find will likely leave you sore for a day or two. Remember that burn translates to used muscles and calorie burn!

Holiday weight gain is easy to avoid, due to the ultra fast, busy pace of the season. Remembering to stay active and enjoy holiday specific activities for a body and spirit healthy season!

Sara is the co-owner and product buyer at http://www.velvetsiren.com - A Posh Plus Size Clothing Boutique For Curvy Girls. She currently works as a fashion consultant and personal shopper for curvy women worldwide. Come see what everyone is talking about!

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