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How To Happily Live Gluten Free

By Matt Ide

Living Gluten free can be complicated for many people. It stems from a disease known as Celiac disease and is an intolerance to Gluten. So far, the only known way to treat Celiac disease is to abstain from gluten.

Living a gluten free life has its challenges. You need to make lists of gluten free foods, gluten free diet foods if you're dieting, you need to be aware of gluten free fast foods, and much more. So how does one cope in a gluten world?

Here are a few tips to help with the Celiac disease and how to live gluten free.

Be consistent in your awareness of where gluten may crop up. Be sure to avoid eating wheat, rye, barley and any for of non gluten free baked goods. Pastas also fall into this category to watch out for.

Durum and Semolina are forms of wheat as well as Spelt and Kamut.

Living gluten free means always reading labels. Watch out for trigger words such as "modified food starch", or "food starch" for that matter. The ingredients quite possibly contain grains that are incompatible with someone who lives with the Celiac disease.

Gluten free diets are starting to become more accepted in many countries and the USA is no exception. If you live a gluten free life, you will find that some restaurant chains are now containing a gluten free menu. Some food stores, such as Whole Foods are not carrying gluten free food items as well.

Scour the internet for gluten free recipes. You can find gluten free recipes for foods such as, gluten free crackers, gluten free bread, gluten free and even gluten free alcoholic drinks.

If you are preparing a Thanksgiving dinner and you want to have a gravy, be sure not to use flour, unless it is some form of gluten free flour. Try making your gravy with cornstarch or arrow root. These are both acceptable ways to make gravy if you are living a gluten free life.

With a little more creativity and support from others who are living a gluten free life, you can make adjustments that will not slow you down just because you suffer from Celiac disease. If you would like more tips and a inspirational guide that leads you by the hand to show you how you can live life to the fullest living gluten free please visit the http://www.thehealthyblogger.blogspot.com

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