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What to Expect From the Pilates Exercise

By Shareen Aguilar

If you are a health buff; you probably have heard of an effective exercise fitness program out today. The Mari Windsor Pilates which have been developed from the Pilates method is a healthy type of fitness program. If you have no idea what's it all about, read on to your delight. Besides the hype in getting people's hands on Windsor Pilates DVDs, you may still wonder, what is it with this people who hangs around in front of their television sets everyday for a maximum time of 20 minutes?

Where the Pilates term came from is dated back in history when Joseph Pilates developed an exercise program to help himself out from getting sick easily. Soon, in his effort to develop a healthy exercise to boost his body against certain types of illness, he has developed the fitness exercise that which we all call, the Pilates Method as of today. It is a combination of exercises from doing yoga, gymnastics and wrestling.

The benefit of following the procedure of the Pilates method comes in three ways. One, the person is able to exercise anytime of the day without worrying about interrupting a normal daily routine. Two; it does work in terms of trimming down the weight of a person, even in realigning the joints and muscles of the body. And three, a person using the Pilates method doesn't have to worry much about buying expensive exercise equipment as the exercise proper itself only requires a mat and your focus.

A question about the effectives of the Pilates method to Seniors is also a concern. A good thing about the Pilates exercises, as mentioned above; is that the correct alignment of a body is achieved and if senior citizens observe this set of exercises everyday, it targets their main body structure, joints, ligaments, and muscles. And when the main components of the body are restored or probably just improved, movement wouldn't have to be so difficult for our old folks.

There are other benefits that the Pilates method gives to those dedicated and focused individuals. But, you be the judge of the outcome.

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