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How To Get Rid Of A Knee Pain

By Srijana Rao

Knee pain is as common an ailment as an aching back. Both are the gifts of luxurious living or an overdose of activity that has in both cases made our muscles the easy target. Exercises are vital in case of a knee pain but the pain by itself will not allow you to effect any movement. How then shall we exercise?

Here are some tips that I am going to spell out in my article which will prevent the problem from arising in the first place and ease out the pain if the problem is already persisting. First of all let us not forget some of the age old technique of healthy living though they may seem tedious in present day living. Sqauting with a cross leg posture on the floor was the best system of the Indians. The Namaz read by the muslims in the Vajrasan pose is also a very good posture for avoiding arthritis. Walking can ease oput a lot of problems including knee pain. But always remember to have the right posture and the comfortable speed in walking, that is not too fast nor slow. See that you do not walk till dead! Always practice walking before you start on a jog. You can walk for a week and then get down to jogging. Have the practice of small walks even if you are in pain, as it is only exercise that can bring flexibility to your poor muscles. However the pain may not let you exercise but can go only through exercise!

How can we practice yoga in pain ? The best yogic postures are those that give movement and thus cause enhanced blood circulation to various parts of the body devoid of any obstruction. Thus we must concentrate not only on the knee but also the thighs, shoulders, hands, fingers and ankles. Always take the necessary medication that is prescribed by your doctor to ease the pain. Never exercise to the extent of fainting! Begin with rotation of wrists, neck, hands and legs clockwise and anti-clockwise three time each. You can do this sitting or standing or better even in a sleeping posture. Be careful not to lose control and fall. Be slow in taking the the yogic postures as it will make you hold yourself correctly and stop at the position of pain. This is very important as you will be able to get to the correct maximum bend in due course. So do not over exert and cause damage. Continue for two days. Now you are ready to add a few more exercises to your sheet.

Always concentrate on your breath and reax all muscles when you take the postures. This can help in free flow of blood and oxygen without any pressure and can to a large extent relieve the pains.

Knee relaxing: Lie down on your back knee folded and slide your legs slowly to a full extent and back again. do with alternate legs. Next repeat the same lying on your sides.

Vrikshasana: Stand straight, take both the hands above your head and join the palms on the top. Now lift your foot and stand on your toes for as long as you can, breath normally. Do this slowly so that you don't lose balance.

swastikasana: Spread your legs straight in front of you. Squat cross legged with the right foot resting on the left thigh, take the dyanamudra pose with the wrists of both hands on the respective knees. Breathe deeply for a few minutes. Always stop when painfull.

Pavanamuktasana: Here fold the knee and thigh to press against the chest and belly. Do with one leg at a time and then both legs together.

Vajrasana: This is the best posture but may be painful in the begining. Try after the pain has eased out a bit. Sit on knees folded and palms resting on the thighs. You may in a later stage slowly spread one leg at a time behind you and stay in that posture.

Veerasana: Stand straight,slowly slide left leg forward as much as possible. Turn to the left clasp both hands and raise way back and bend back your head. Breath deeply and slowly return back to the starting position in the reversse proceedure. Do this slowly not to lose balance.

Practice these posture regularly at least 2-3 times a day. Yoga is like taking bath. Do it daily without fail and see the happiness come back to your life.

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